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When I wrote my blog and went to fashion week, I got a lot of shade from older editors about paying my dues and educating myself. I get where they were coming from, but it’s also weird now to see their institutions scramble to use the internet in a way that’s not savvy, but genuinely effective and exciting to people. I’ve been doing that for years.

Digital Impact 2014 : les mini-mémoires.


A mini-paper focusing on the impact of the digital revolution on any kind of subject, from specific markets to culture. 

Examples from some of the students:

  • The apps market on Android.
  • How football teams are using Facebook to promote themselves.
  • How Youtube pays videobloggers. 
  • Why did the founder of Snapchat rejected a 2 billion dollar offer? 
  • The Mesh networks. 
  • The impact of Youtube Make-up tutorials on the cosmetics retail market


NAME OF THE FILE: CLASS_LASTNAME_NAME.pdf (all other names will be REJECTED).


UPLOAD: The file in PDF FORMAT has to be uploaded before sunday May 11th, 2014 at 12PM (“minuit”).
Here is the link to upload your work: http://bit.ly/1pGMdOd
All uploads past this exact date and time will be rejected and the paper will get a zero. Thank you REALLY MUCH to Joel Gombin for providing a server. 

Late ? Here is a new link : http://bit.ly/1nCWbMm

Structure : 11 slides minimum, 15 slides maximum. 

Slide 1 : Name, class, twitter account (mandatory for this class).
Slide 2 : Present the general topic, with facts : dates, names, figures (le sujet).
Slide 3 : Ask the question that you will answer in the following slides (la problématique).
Slide 4- 8 : Answer the question with an analysis of facts, figures, and words. Bonus points for quoting research papers, serious journalism, novelists, artists…
Slide 9 : What is the business insight you got from all this ? What do we do next ? What should we be careful of ? What opportunities could we pursue ?
Slide 10 : Your bibliography: list the material you have quoted, read, watched, with links.
Slide 11 : bonus of the semester : why should I give you a better grade ? What have you achieved on a personal or professional level ?


Digital Impact @INSEEC Business School 2014

This is a blog post about the class I’m teaching at INSEEC Business School in Paris this spring semester 2014. 
The official hasthag on twitter is #digitalblast
A curation of tweets can be found in this custom timeline

Class Test date confirmed: Wednesday April 23rd
(MCQ, 20 questions, 30 minutes).

Research Paper due date confirmed: Sunday May 11th Midnight.
Find all the informations about the research paper on this page
Required: create and maintain a twitter account.


Classe 1 : Introduction

Introduction to the Digital Era. Context of the class. Analysis of the media coverage. Important terms in English and French (Digital, Numérique, électronique, ebusiness…).

Class 2 : History of the internet and the web
Required material : 1984 a novel by George Orwell (1948), Tron (1982), You’ve Got Mail (1998).

History of the web : from chimps to chips. The Dunbar’s number in Anthropology, quick history of communication. The WWII and birth of the computers. The 60’s and Arpanet’s legacy. The 70’s digital utopia. The invention of the web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The information highways. The Web 2.0.

Class 3 : New Business Models 
Required material : The Long Tail (Wired), Free (Wired), Chris Anderson’s TED Talk, The Social Network (2010).
Required tweets : #SXSW

New Business Models born from the web : the digital distribution of physical goods, the long tail theory (Anderson), the free economy theory (Anderson) and the freemium models, the virtual goods economy.

Class 4 : The Internet Culture
Required Material : The Online Cat-Industrial Complex (Wired, 2010) 

The internet memes. The copy, share, edit, remix culture. The Geek approach of topics. Blogging and video-blogging, professional applications. The news industry adapting itself : Buzzfeed, Vice News, Upworthy, Long Reads, Snowfall

Class 5 : Political Impact

Required Material : The Fifth Estate (2013), Evgeny Morozov’s talk at TED, Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg (2013).  

Is digital democratic by nature ? Silicon Valley political agenda, Public Problems and private solutions,  disruptivity of services vs protectionism, the Evgeny Morozov analysis of the net delusion, Race, Sex and Social Distinction in the Silicon Valley, the powerful female executives.

Class 6 : Mythologies of the digital world
Required Material : The Pirate Bay : AFK (2012), The Matrix (1999), Neuromancer by William Gibson (1984), Ghost in the Shell (1994), 

Mythology of the digital world: the hacker ethos, the notion of cyberspace in literature and cinema, the net-neutrality issue, the techno-libertarianism as a core value of Silicon Valley. 

Class 7 : The startup ecosystem
Class 8 : 2014 Trends and Forecast

permalink Iris Van Herpen designing a 3D printed dress in Apple&#8217;s Macintosh Anniversary Video. 

Iris Van Herpen designing a 3D printed dress in Apple’s Macintosh Anniversary Video. 

Cet article, c’est un peu l’expression de la pensée d’une certaine partie de l’élite, jeune et urbaine, qui espère qu’en imposant leurs schémas culturels qu’ils disent “issus du numérique”, ils pourront ringardiser une autre partie de l’élite, plus âgée et moins habile à manier les outils
Authueil au sujet de l’article “les élites débordées par le numérique" dans le Monde. 

Despite the struggles of the traditional media, there remains an insatiable desire for great reporting, entertaining content, and powerful storytelling.
Facebook, Twitter, and the other Silicon Valley-based social sites are amazing distribution platforms, but user generated content alone isn’t enough to fill the hole left by the ongoing decline of print newspapers and magazines.

The world needs sustainable, profitable, vibrant content companies staffed by dedicated professionals; especially content for people that grew up on the web, whose entertainment and news interests are largely neglected by television and newspapers.

Privacy is theft
permalink James Turrell Opening @Guggenheim, NYC

James Turrell Opening @Guggenheim, NYC

(Source: Flickr / guggenheim_museum)

Si ça marche, nous serons riches. Et si ça marche pas, nous serons riches aussi. Car nous aurons arrêté de dépenser 400 millions par an.
Vincent Bolloré au sujet du projet de technologie électrique Blue Solutions, conceptrice du démonstrateur à grande échelle Autolib.